At Worldline Pictures Are Worth 1000 Words

That's George, on the left

That’s George, on the left

George Mihutiu does an awesome job for us handling all the video and photography for our marketing department, and on the side he has his own business.

He takes photographs at special events like weddings, anniversary parties and corporate gatherings. Basically anywhere large groups gather George is available to document it.

Part of his service is his custom build photo booth. It’s a high end rig of mega-pixel cameras, monitors and studio lighting with seating for bunches of people to pose and strut. He even has a big box of hats and props they can use to spice up the pictures.

We asked him to bring it to our Christmas party this year and the results were hilarious. For hours the staff posed and preened in front of George’s cameras and the result were thousands of studio-quality photos of everyone in their holiday finest.

Are we “in!” or what? If you are looking for a great way to document your special event, and to have your friends, family or co-workers have a great time, check out George’s photobooth website

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