Be Thankful For Inexpensive Long Distance Calling! (Happy Thanksgiving, America!)



For American’s, it’s the season for reminiscing on the past year, eating delicious food and connecting with loved ones. But, what if you can’t make it to Thanksgiving dinner this year due to being in another country (and maybe just not wanting to see that one aunt?). According to Statistics Brain, the total United States spending on Thanksgiving dinner food is $2,875,000,000! The last thing we need is expensive Long Distance Calling fees. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with our Dial-around Long Distance Calling service.

Before you think we’re trying to get you to switch Home Phone providers – we aren’t (although we’d love to have you with us!). Our Dial-around Calling service provides customers and non-customers (Bell customers, only!) the option to call their loved ones in other countries for less (to the USA, 2¢ per minute!). Here’s how you do it:

1. Dial first 10-11-295 then the entire number you want

2. Simply hold as we connect your call

3. Savings appear as “Worldline” on your Bell phone bill (minimum $.35 charge)

But, if you do feel like you’re in the need of a change and want to switch providers, Worldline offers a Digital Home Phone Call The World bundle with all the bells and whistles you’ve learned to know and love, like three-way calling and call display, which are especially important to have during the holidays. Three-way calling is great for connecting with multiple friends and family, while call display ensures you don’t miss a call from a loved one (or you know which calls to miss).

You won’t only need a Long Distance plan for American Thanksgiving – we also offer calling to Venezuela, Peru, UK, Brazil and China! So when Chinese New Year rolls around, you can reach your loved ones for little to no cost.

The holiday seasons are filled with far away family and friends you’ll want to speak to. We wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends! Don’t be a turkey and get on board with inexpensive Long Distance calling!

Here’s a list of the world wide calling rates.  

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