Bundle Up! – How A Home Phone and Internet Bundle Could Have Saved You $600 For This Holiday Season

Bundle Upnew

Holidays – the time of the season for snow, toasty fires and, of course, presents. But those presents usually come with a price, and that price comes with months of preparation in hopes to avoid the blow to your bank account. How do you really avoid it? Easy. It’s time to get bundled – and we’re not talking about layering for the cold weather. We’re talking about how you could have saved $600 or more on your Internet and Home Phone bill this season if you had just bundled early.

A Statistics Canada report states that Canadian households are spending from $70 to $100 or more on their Internet and Home Phone bill. That’s nearly $1,200 a year (you can buy 120 Selfie Stick stocking stuffers for that!). It’s not realistic for the average Canadian household income, and we’re “feeling the pinch” when it comes to Canadian communication prices, according to a CBC News article. If 87% of Canadians are connected to the Internet, why are we sacrificing other areas of our lives for technology essentials?

We shouldn’t be, and that’s why it’s time to make the switch and get a Home Phone and Internet Bundle. Last year in Canada, the CRTC stated there was a total of 10.4 million bundle subscriptions – meaning loads of Canadians are on board! With Worldline’s Home Phone and Internet Bundles, you receive Unlimited Internet (three cheers for no Internet overcharges!) and Unlimited North American calling. So long phone conversations with your loved ones and streaming your favourite holiday movies just got a lot cheaper.

Our Home Phone and Internet Bundles start from $49.95 (much better than the Internet and Home Phone bill average), and with both DSL and Cable Internet options you can choose what works best for your household. That’s not it – with all the home phone features included in your monthly bill, unlike competitor bundles, you’ll really feel like you’re getting a bang for your buck.

Tis’ the season for streaming, speaking and spending – not being overcharged for the essential services you need monthly. Make the switch this year and dodge that hit to your bank account for next year’s holidays. Let’s be real, even Santa has a budget.

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