Worldline Cable Bundle Customers: Check your plugs!

Those pesky power adapters! They all look alike! Some of our Worldline Cable Bundle customers have been complaining about their Wireless Internet not working as well as it should. Diagnostics from our end show that everything should be working fine, yet the complaints have continued. After having received some modems returned to us, we’ve figured out why. They were returned with the wrong adapters.

With every cable bundle there are two power adapters. One for the modem with the wireless router and another for the ATA, which provides our digital phone service.

Though they look similar, and can plug into both the modem and the ATA, they are not same with different amperages.

Meaning, if you plug the wrong one into the wrong thing, things won’t work as they should.

Of course, it’s an easy fix. Just switch them up.

The Cable Modem Adapter can be identified as follows: Leader Electronics Inc. Please note the output is 12.0V / 1.5A on the Cable Modem adapter and labeling is on the back.


The ATA Adapter can be identified as follows: Mass Power and the labeling is on the Plug side. Please note the output is 12.0V /.5A on the ATA adapter.


So – if you are a Cable Bundle customer having some wireless issues, give the old plug switcheroo a try and see what happens. If you are still having issues, please call us at 611 anytime and we’ll help you out.