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No one wants to feel like they’re going into battle every time they have to call their internet service provider.

Being an internet provider goes above and beyond just offering internet service for our customers; we also have a responsibility to our customers and help them when needed with their internet service. We strive to provide Canadians with the best possible customer service, as well as the best Internet and Phone services at a fair price.

A recent article from CBC News looked into telecom call centre workers being reprimanded for reducing plans and offering credits to customers. It took a gruesome look into certain sales practices, as a handful of call centre employees for Rogers, Fido, and Bell spoke out. The CRTC is now preparing to hold a public hearing on the sales practices in the telecommunications industry, which is set to begin Oct. 22.

With more reports coming out about ‘aggressive’ telecom practices, we’re taking this opportunity to emphasize our commitment to customer satisfaction, and our agents who will always offer the best possible prices to consumers.

Beyond Telecom

Worldline has created a company culture centred around “delivering happiness and connections every day,” and we live by that promise when it comes to customer care.

“Our agents come in every day with the anticipation of providing exceptional customer service,” replied Peter Cross, the VP of the Fibernetics Call Centre. “There are no incentives and no penalties for discounting or cancelling customer plans. We encourage our agents to harness their empathy skills rather than coercion tactics, so we can keep all of our customers happy and satisfied.”

Worldline agents will never avoid having to reduce a customer’s plan but instead will embrace the needs of our customers and ensure that they are receiving reliable service. We value all of our Worldline customers and are dedicated to providing them with the best care and service in the industry.

Our Pledge to Canadians

We pledge to save our customers from being overcharged for their Home Phone, Long Distance and Internet services. Worldline is on the side of those who want great service at the best price.

We’ve always put the customer’s needs first, and that’s why we:

  • Don’t need to lock our customers into a contract; we earn their business every single day.
  • Offer unlimited Internet, with no extra charges or caps on bandwidth
  • Offer exceptional service at a low cost
  • Have a contact centre committed to helping our customers

We want to take this opportunity to thank our customers for helping us grow. Because we execute on our pledge, beliefs and values on a regular basis, word of mouth is our largest source for new customers.

To learn more about Worldline, please visit We look forward to earning and keeping your business!

Marlen Garcia: Worldline Level 3′s Superhero Award

Last month, the Worldline Level 3 Support Team introduced their Super Hero Service award. The inaugural winner was Danny Castillo for providing outstanding technical support with our Worldline customers.

Now it’s time to introduce you to the second winner of the Level 3 Super Hero Award:

Marlen Garcia

Marlen Garcia

From the Level 3 Team:

Here at Worldline, we are constantly improving the level of our service and optimizing our customer interactions.

If we were not improving, we wouldn’t be trying to improve our customer’s experience with us. One of the things we look at is how our customer service representatives are working to make any call a customer makes to us a positive experience.

At Worldline we are committed to having the industry’s best costumer experience and are very proud of how our customer service team and how thay are handling our explosive growth and the direction we are going in. Today, we would like to recognize one of our wonderful colleagues.

We would like to introduce you all to Marlen Garcia. Marlen works in our contact center and covers a wide array of questions, technical issues you may be having, and welcomes any and all questions you may have.

Marlen Garcia – Worldline Level 3 Super hero Award Winner

Marlen is relatively new to our company, but has the telecom knowledge of a veteran. Constantly trying to break bottle necks and get everything done on a first call basis, Marlen is VERY good at what she does in large part because she is always striving to learn and improve her on the job performance.

Always friendly, Marlen takes the  responsibility for her work and actions very seriously, while maintaining a positive attitude and bringing happiness by being awesome. Being awesome is actually part of the job description for anyone who works at the Fibernetics Contact center.

Her teamwork and belief of “Just do it and find the solution” makes us very grateful to have her on our team now and in the future.

Marlen’s someone who not only says our Company mantra, but she also walks the walk and means it when she says “I’m in”

From all of us here at Worldline, thanks for all you do Marlen, and congratulations:

Marlen Garcia

Ordering Worldline just got WAY easier

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 3.24.44 PMWe here at Worldline are on a mission. We are changing the way telecom works in this country by focusing laser-like on improving how things work for our customers. It all comes from our “I’m in!” culture that engages everyone at Worldline to work daily on improving our processes, to provide the best service possible at the fairest prices and to give our customers the most awesome support they’ve ever had, by anyone anywhere.

A huge improvement to one of our most important processes changed just this week when we introduced our new and improved online ordering system. For years we’ve been trying to improve the way our customers sign up for Worldline, and finally, we nailed it with the simplest online ordering process in Canadian telecom.

Using a easy-to-use web interface (see above) Canadians looking to save hundreds of dollars a year on their Internet and phone bills can find out what services they qualify for in seconds, pick and choose what will work best for them, and then, place their order. Three pages in total, the automated process allows for consumers to make simple educated purchasing decision without the need to spend their valuable time on the phone. (Of course, if they have any questions, a simple click gets them to a service support team member.) 

This is a quantum leap forward for new Worldline customers. While we have the best customer support and sales team in the country, we know that a growing segment of the population prefer to make their purchase online instead of over the phone.

We’re all about making our customer’s lives as simple as possible. Now, from day one, we’re doing just that with a simple elegant ordering system.

Check out our latest innovation at, and stay tuned for more innovations to come as we continue on our mission to be the most customer-centric telecom there is.

How do we do it? By being “in!”

What does the Worldline “Wall garden” mean to you?

The answer? Nothing… if you are like 99.9999% of our Worldline Internet customers that is. But on very rare occasions, there are a select few who get the dreaded “wall garden.” So – what is it exactly?

It’s this:


The Wall garden is what appears on our customers browsers when they are so severely past due on their account, we’re about to cancel their service.

Worldline, as the best priced ISP in Canada, depend on our customers keeping up with their payments to ensure that we can keep our prices as low as possible. We run a lean ship and that’s what allows us to charge so little for our data and voice services and the last thing we want to do is to hire a team of collection people to spend all day on the phone trying to get in touch with folks who are way behind on their payments. 

Instead, for those who are overly maturing their bills, we reach out to them via e-mail. The first one is a friendly reminder that goes out at 11 days past their payment due. If we receive no payment, they get another message 36 days past due. Then on the day 43, we give our customers a notice of suspension. They have two days to pay us or… it’s wall garden time – our measure of last resort.

We hate to do it, but on supremely rare occasions, it’s the only way to let our customers know that they are in serious trouble of losing their service.

Wall gardens have become a more prevalent tool with ISP’s these days. One of the big three (who shall remain nameless – but their name does start win an “R”) use them to let their customers know they’ve exceeded their data caps. (We don’t do that of course, because we have no data caps.) They also send them out to customers who are choosing to leave them in a last gasp effort to make them stay by giving them special offers etc. We don’t do that either because, well, it’s kinda creepy really.

For us, it’s a way to inexpensively and automatically remind our customers that their account is in serious jeopardy and they should act as soon as possible, and, it’s working.

We know that sometimes in everyone’s lives, stuff happens that is beyond their control and they fall behind. We understand that. However, we need to ensure and maintain a regular payment schedule for us to continue to be the best deal in telecom in Canada. 


Worldline Customer Service: Be Like Mike

interview pic 1

We posted a story on our MP, Gary Goodyear, dropping by the office on Monday to talk about a jobs program we’re involved in. We posted the above picture from Gary’s meeting with our HR lead Amanda Little and with one of our co-founders, Mike Brown on Facebook and it resulted in this comment:

Worldline Facebook

That, in just a few sentences, is what Mike Brown is all about. Mike chatted with a Harold nearly a decade ago, Harold became a customer, and he still remembers how Mike treated him when he was first interested in Worldline – and has stayed with us ever since.

Over the past ten years Mike, along with our CEO Jody Schnarr and CMO John Stix, have transitioned the company from its start-up roots to a full service customer focused organization servicing hundreds of thousands of Canadians.

Yet the idea of putting the customer first remains with the company, because that’s just how Mike rolls. Currently he’s VP of Marketing for NEWT, our business services division, but everyone who is customer facing in the company tries to go that extra mile.

We all try to be like Mike. (Just with better hair)