Ordering Worldline just got WAY easier

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 3.24.44 PMWe here at Worldline are on a mission. We are changing the way telecom works in this country by focusing laser-like on improving how things work for our customers. It all comes from our “I’m in!” culture that engages everyone at Worldline to work daily on improving our processes, to provide the best service possible at the fairest prices and to give our customers the most awesome support they’ve ever had, by anyone anywhere.

A huge improvement to one of our most important processes changed just this week when we introduced our new and improved online ordering system. For years we’ve been trying to improve the way our customers sign up for Worldline, and finally, we nailed it with the simplest online ordering process in Canadian telecom.

Using a easy-to-use web interface (see above) Canadians looking to save hundreds of dollars a year on their Internet and phone bills can find out what services they qualify for in seconds, pick and choose what will work best for them, and then, place their order. Three pages in total, the automated process allows for consumers to make simple educated purchasing decision without the need to spend their valuable time on the phone. (Of course, if they have any questions, a simple click gets them to a service support team member.) 

This is a quantum leap forward for new Worldline customers. While we have the best customer support and sales team in the country, we know that a growing segment of the population prefer to make their purchase online instead of over the phone.

We’re all about making our customer’s lives as simple as possible. Now, from day one, we’re doing just that with a simple elegant ordering system.

Check out our latest innovation at www.worldline.ca, and stay tuned for more innovations to come as we continue on our mission to be the most customer-centric telecom there is.

How do we do it? By being “in!”

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