Worldline Customer Service: Be Like Mike

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We posted a story on our MP, Gary Goodyear, dropping by the office on Monday to talk about a jobs program we’re involved in. We posted the above picture from Gary’s meeting with our HR lead Amanda Little and with one of our co-founders, Mike Brown on Facebook and it resulted in this comment:

Worldline Facebook

That, in just a few sentences, is what Mike Brown is all about. Mike chatted with a Harold nearly a decade ago, Harold became a customer, and he still remembers how Mike treated him when he was first interested in Worldline – and has stayed with us ever since.

Over the past ten years Mike, along with our CEO Jody Schnarr and CMO John Stix, have transitioned the company from its start-up roots to a full service customer focused organization servicing hundreds of thousands of Canadians.

Yet the idea of putting the customer first remains with the company, because that’s just how Mike rolls. Currently he’s VP of Marketing for NEWT, our business services division, but everyone who is customer facing in the company tries to go that extra mile.

We all try to be like Mike. (Just with better hair)

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