Working for Happiness Runs in the Family

John Stix CHO

John Stix  – CHO

John Stix, Worldline’s co-founder, has been the company’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) since the beginning. However in 2014 he’s taken on another role, Chief Happiness Officer (CHO).

Introducing the “I’m In” culture initiative last month, John is working everyday on improving the overall engagement level in the company. Increased engagement for Worldline employees means tapping into, supporting and encouraging their collective attention, energy and accountability.

Doing so is vitally important because they are the people who actually create the experience customers have with Worldline. That’s what it’s all about. Providing the best service we possible can for our customers, ensuring that they stay with us. It’s just good business.

His methods are very simple: He’s increasing engagement by making sure his employees are happy: happy with the company direction, happy with their supervisors, happy in their jobs, happy with their co-workers and happy with their working environment. It’s something he’s passionate about, and if you knew him, you’d see it’s something he was born to do – literally. It turns out it’s a family thing.

Laura_StixHis cousin, Dr. Laura Stix, is, according to her new website “an inspiring leader and progressive Naturopathic Doctor, passionate about helping others achieve lifelong optimal health & happiness.”

Patient-centered care is central to her practice, and she works in partnership with her patients to achieve their optimal health, vitality and happiness. She has a general family practice, with special interest in chronic diseases including pain conditions, diabetes, arthritis and gastrointestinal problems, as well as sleep disturbances, mental health, weight loss, sports performance and musculoskeletal injuries.

Everyone at Worldline is lucky have John working hard everyday to make their work experience as positive as possible. Dr. Stix’s patients probably feel the same way.


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