I’m In… to espresso. Worldline’s culture campaign strikes again


The latest addition to Fibernetics, Worldline’s parent company, is our brand new coffee, tea and espresso bar. We’ve always offered free coffee, but now we’ve bumped it up a notch adding in dozens of gourmet teas, espresso, cappuccino, and something called frothy foam, which sounds gross, but it’s delicious!

The Fibernetics Café is just the latest addition to the “I’m in!” campaign to ensure that all our employees are enjoying their work environment as much as possible. And as a result, they are pretty much buzzed out of their minds on caffeine which makes them work like maniacs for our customers.

So, bonus!

Stay tuned for more on the “I’m in!” campaign, and for other rather huge announcements about Fibernetics and it’s group of companies. We’re all pretty jazzed up about it, and its not just the caffeine talking.


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