Corporate Culture shift – Worldline’s People are “In!”

Just under two months ago, Fibernetics, the parent company of Worldline held the “I’m in!” corporate culture event. Company president, John Stix initiated the event and its associated company changes because, to him, the culture at Fibernetics was “pretty good”, but that wasn’t good enough. He wants Fibernetics to be GREAT! To get us there the staff’s collective working culture needed an energy injection as well as having a clearly defined and easy to understand company purpose. Here’s what John, and the management team came up with:

We strive to deliver happiness and connections everyday by being awesome.

They also defined Fibernetics’ core values:

  • Innovation – disrupting and challenging the status quo while having an entrepreneurial spirit by taking risks and dreaming big.
  • Accountability – taking responsibility for our own actions while understanding the impact on the organization.
  • Just do it and find the solution – taking initiative with a game plan for solutions.
  • Trust – building trust through transparency and open, honest communications.
  • Teamwork – working well with others while respecting values and differences.
  • Happiness – honouring satisfaction and well-being :)

Simple, straightforward, easy to understand. The resultant change? There is a palpable bump in the spirit around the office. Happiness is up. Engagement is up, and not coincidentally, so are sales for Worldline, and for NEWT, the business services division, as well.

John has taken on the ongoing role of leading the “I’m in!” initiative because improving culture is not a one-day event, it’s an everyday process. His end goal is simple: For Worldline, and other Fibernetics telecom products and services, to set the new standard for telecom customer service and satisfaction in the country.

He is also taking his vision for “I’m in!” beyond Fibernetics. Already he is mentoring start-ups at Communitech, and is branching out with helping other area companies improve their culture, improve overall happiness and employee engagement.

Stay tuned for updates.

I’m In… to espresso. Worldline’s culture campaign strikes again


The latest addition to Fibernetics, Worldline’s parent company, is our brand new coffee, tea and espresso bar. We’ve always offered free coffee, but now we’ve bumped it up a notch adding in dozens of gourmet teas, espresso, cappuccino, and something called frothy foam, which sounds gross, but it’s delicious!

The Fibernetics Café is just the latest addition to the “I’m in!” campaign to ensure that all our employees are enjoying their work environment as much as possible. And as a result, they are pretty much buzzed out of their minds on caffeine which makes them work like maniacs for our customers.

So, bonus!

Stay tuned for more on the “I’m in!” campaign, and for other rather huge announcements about Fibernetics and it’s group of companies. We’re all pretty jazzed up about it, and its not just the caffeine talking.