We’re Hiring: Are you ready to fill Mike Brown’s shoes?

Mike BrownSee this guy? He’s Mike Brown, one of the founders of the company. Over the past 18 months he’s been running the marketing for NEWT, our business services division.

He’s been spectacular  – as brand awareness, sales and market share are all through the roof compared to when he took on the role.

Despite that success, he’s about to take on a new gig. He’s been named our Happiness Officer. 

It’s not just an awesome job title, it’s a huge responsibility. Inline with our mandate to be the most customer-focused telecom in Canada, Mike will soon take on the overall responsible of keeping all of our customers, be they Worldline, NEWT or any of our other associated companies, happy. We pride ourselves in the level of service we currently provide, but we’re not satisfied. I doubt we ever will be frankly, because there will always room for improvement.

And if they are not happy, to make sure they get that way – and fast!

There’s no one better in the organization to take on this seminal role – one that will define us going forward. We are all looking forward to helping Mike get us to where we all want to be.

All that said, that means NEWT will soon be without a marketing chief. NEWT’s marketing is focuses on an inbound strategy. We produce material and information to educate our potential clients. We strive, through customer testimonials, white papers and other assets, to provide a business case for NEWT products that makes that buying decision easier.

If you are a B2B Marketer with telecom experience, this is probably your dream job as you will have virtually a free hand to help raise NEWT awareness across Canada.

Do you have the stuff to fill Mike’s shoes? Check out the job posting on the NEWT website and see.

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