Toronto Star: Workplace happiness? There’s an app for that

John Stix, courtesy of Sara Mojtehedzadeh/Toronto Star

John Stix, courtesy of Sara Mojtehedzadeh/Toronto Star

How do you make a good company great? The best way, according to Worldline’s president John Stix, is to make the workplace, the working environment and the overriding culture in and around the company better.

That’s why he dedicated himself this year to making what was a good culture, great. An ongoing process, he’s engaged with and enabled Worldline employees to work with him to make our company better.

Besides the obvious advantages; improved employee happiness and talent retention and attraction, it’s also a good business decision.

We here at Worldline are on a mission to be the single best telecom provider in the country, both with our technology and the superior customer service we provide. The only way we’ll be able to do that is to have the most engaged, emboldened and passionate staff in the industry.

John partnered with Plasticity to help Worldline’s amazing staff become even more enthusiastic not just about their jobs, but the company as a whole.

Learn how they did it in the Toronto Star.article, Workplace happiness? There’s an app for that

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