Who Are We? That Question Gets Answered

In a recent town hall meeting for the entire staff, company co-founder John Stix, along with creative director Mike Young, put together an opening video encapsulating what Fibernetics and its residential division Worldline, and business division, NEWT™ are all about.

In the end it all comes down to one word, and that’s “you.”

Our customers have defined the company from the day 10 years ago when two kids in Kitchener started a phone company out of on of their basements, to where we all are today, serving 300,000 plus Canadians across the country – with more joining every day.

More than 200 people work each day providing our customers the simplest and most enjoyable way to communicate, learn and have fun.

“It’s important to understand the personality and heartbeat of your organization and establishing clear core values helps you do that,” said co-founder John Stix.

“It enables both new and old employees to immediately identify with what has been part of the history and what will be key to the future. “

Fibernetics – Worldline – NEWT™: Beyond Telecom

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