Worldline CMO John Stix Looks Forward to Working with Verizon

John Stix

John Stix – CMO

Interviewed on CBC, John Stix, who also is the CMO of Fongo, our affiliated mobile company,explains in detail why he not only isn’t against an American company like Verizon coming into Canada, he sees it as a great opportunity.

He believes that more competition in the Canadian wireless market will be beneficial because the big three telecommunications providers are needlessly overcharging wireless consumers.

Further, from a business perspective, he looks forward to working with a new provider in providing data only plans for mobile customers, something the Big Three won’t even consider.

“We are really excited about a new entrant coming in. We’ve been in negotiation and talks with the Incumbents but again they put this brick wall up. They don’t want the competition.”

Listen to the entire interview HERE.

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