Worldline’s Insurgency Campaign Continues


Worldline Super Hero Kids Introduced Last Year

Last year, when we first re-launched Worldline, we talked about our Insurgent campaign:

Worldline provides the same quality home phone and Internet services as both Bell and Rogers do; we just do it way cheaper because we can. It’s simple really. Our overhead, compared to theirs, is basically non-existent. We can make a nice profit and pass the savings off to our customers.

We don’t have a hockey team, or a soccer team, or a football team, or a stadium, or an NHL arena, or a baseball team, or TSN, or Sportsnet, or… you name it, they’ve got it.

All of that gives them massive awareness therefore massive market share, but also massive revenue requirements, and therefore expensive services.

This nearly universal market saturation results in the vast majority of folks out there not even knowing they have options when it comes to their home phone or Internet services.

It’s either Bell or Rogers – with the deciding factor usually being who they hate less.*

This is the place Worldline finds itself: equal in service, lower in price, yet comparatively speaking, virtually unknown.

We’re not one of the big boys (yet).

And for folks who want a quality product at a sane price, that’s a good thing.

Now we just have to let them know about it.

That was from one of this blog’s 1st post published February 1st, 2013. One year later, how are we doing?

We just closed off the best year in our company’s history. We’ve added more customers, added more products like 50 Mbps Ultra High Speed DSL Internet and Unlimited Cable Internet, and saved Canadians more money than ever before in our 10 year history. Things are already looking awesome for 2014 as we just closed off our best January ever as well.

But beyond that, insurgency means shaking the foundations, being a game changer and making a difference.

Here’s the plan: What we’re going to do is to completely tear down the walls on telecom in Canada by revealing, for the first time, exactly how much, from an operational perspective, it costs to provide telecom service in this country, and how much, over the years you have been overcharged for your phone, long distance and Internet.

…and the gouging is still going on and on and on.

Worldline is going to be the transparent telecom in Canada in 2014. We’re getting the numbers together right now, so stay tuned to learn just how much you’re paying for what you are receiving.

And I suspect, prepare to be pretty pissed off.

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