Worldline Sets a Record: A September to Remember…


Out with the old…

…and it ain’t even done yet.

Worldline has been going about its business quietly and steadily for a full decade now, providing the best telecom services possible for the fairest price, and over that time it has developed a very satisfied customer base.

However the key work in there is “quietly.” Relying on a non-traditional marketing strategy, the company has been experiencing steady consistent growth, but it was decided that in 2013, that was all going to change. For the first time on the company’s history, and actual marketing budget was created. Actual marketing dollars were set aside to help build the business, create awareness and develop the brand and a marketing team was built.


…in the the New

Over these past few months we’ve changed the logo and the look. We’ve introduced our Super Hero Kids, we’ve been holding contests, sponsoring sports franchises, putting up billboards, and put together a comprehensive social media presence.

It’s been a ton of work, but if you are going to try to compete with The Big Three, you can’t simply rely on providing a great service, you have to be prepared to shout out about it a little bit.

So we did, and here we are.

With a week to go in September, we’re having our best month ever with getting new customers on board.

By a lot.

From all over Canada, we’re signing up customers to our Home Phone and Long Distance Packages, our Unlimited Internet options and to our Unlimited High Speed Internet & Digital Home Phone Bundle, and the feedback has been both terrific and inspiring.

Saving money for people is one thing, saving them from the aggravation of having to deal with indifferent and sometimes brutal customer service, or being gouged by confusing  and ever changing contracts for a service that has become for most of us an absolute necessity, is another.

Worldline made a decision as a company in 2013 to aggressively enter the Canadian telecom marketplace for a whole bunch of reasons.

First, it’s just good business, which is good for us and especially great for our customers.

But second, and perhaps more importantly, we, as a company, were sick and tired of having so many Canadians getting ripped off, when they had a perfectly viable option in Worldline, that they simply didn’t know about.

Of course, we’re just getting started. What we’re seeing now is a direct result of the last few months work.

What we have planned for the future, and I do mean just around the corner…

…well, it’s going to be really something.

So stay tuned, and to all our new customers, welcome on board!


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