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Harris & Sammi - Part of our Tech Team

Harris & Samih – Part of our Tech Team

Worldline has, what we humbly consider, the best tech support team in the business. Working out of our Cambridge, Ontario head office, this group of folks work 7 days a week to ensure that our customers are receiving the service they are paying for.

Besides solving their service issues, talking to our customers on a daily basis has given them a working knowledge of common problems that annoy the modern day Internet user.

To help out even more, they put together a number of Worldline Tech Tips that we’ll publish here, add to our Worldline Support Centre and post on places like Twitter and Facebook as well.

Here, by the way is the #1 tip that they give everyone whenever there is an issue:

“If you feel your internet is slow or has lost it’s connection, try a quick and simple restart of your modem before reaching out to support. Since your modem is an electronic device which is often left running for weeks or months at a time, sometimes simply unplugging it from the power source is all it takes to clear up your issue.”

You probably knew that one, but how about this?

“Wireless connections work on frequency bands called channels. If you find your WiFi connection is slow or drops out then it could be that the channel you are using is being used by too many other nearby wireless networks, or is being interfered with by other electronic devices such as microwaves. Worldline support can help you change your wireless channel which may help improve wireless performance if channel interference is the culprit of your problems. Interested in seeing what wireless channels are most occupied around your home? You can use a WIFI Analyzer app on your smartphone or tablet to find out what channels are most occupied in your area and we can set your modem to use one of the less occupied ones for best performance.”

We’ll keep them coming, but if you have any questions you need answered now, please call Worldline Customer Support. It’s a knowledge base packed with a whole bunch of good stuff like that.

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  1. My son & I are not happy with internet wifi that are not good conflict during same time I am watching on YouTube & he plays at PlayStation 4. Why did I already pay for. Please do better this work system.
    Thank you

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