Backpacks for Kids gets a Boost from La Bandera

DSC_7382La Bandera literally means the flag in Spanish, but it has a whole other delicious meaning in the Dominican Republic. Lunch is the most important and the largest meal of the day in the DR, and that’s where La Bandera also known by its street name, El plato del dia (dish of the day) comes in. It is a plate of rice, beans, meat, and a salad, that is eaten every day.

The Fibernetics Call Centre, or the FCC as we call it, is based in the DR and our team of Super Customer Service agents on that Island work hard every day to keep our customers, and customers to be, happy. They also run and support our in-house charity, “Backpacks for Kids” where we provide school supplies for disadvantaged Dominican children allowing them to get the education they so desperately want.

Since its inception just a few years ago, BPFK has managed to send  hundreds of children to school who otherwise wouldn’t have gone. Every year, to support the charity we hold a series of fundraisers out of the FIbernetics headquarters in Cambridge to raise funds. This week we had a company-wide lunch, and for $5.00 we served our Canadianized version of La Bandera with all the money raised going to BPFK.


We are soon going to make this charity open to public donations, as we’ve seen the impact it is having on our neighbours to the south, and also to our friends and co-workers at the FCC.

Congratulations to everyone who pitched in and helped make it the most successful fundraising lunch in our history. Volunteers: Fiona, Smikie, Samhi, Gavin, Dawn, Greta and Amber!




Westjet Santabombs the Dominican Republic

We here at Worldline love our co-workers in the Dominican Republic at the Fibernetics Call Centre. They do an awesome job for us with sales, customer service and tech support. Pete Cross, along with company President John Stix started up backpacks for kids, our in-house charity that sends hundreds of Dominican children to school.

That’s why it was really cool to see another Canadian company showing the awesome folks in the DR some love as well. Well done Westjet. Well done.

Worldline’s Backpacks For Kids is Back!


Last June our co-founder and CMO, John Stix introduced the official Worldline charity, “backpacks for kids” and we’re doubling down on it again in 2014:

A Message from Worldline’s CMO

In the Dominican Republic every child may attend school, however there is a minimum requirement to be met. The family must supply a school uniform, books and supplies. Unfortunately, many families do not have the necessary resources resulting in their children being kept out of school meaning thousands of kids have their futures limited due to a lack of education.

“backpacks for kids” was started by a small group of caring individuals at Worldline because the Dominican Republic is close to their hearts. We operate a 70 seat call centre in Puerto Plata called the Fibernetics Contact Centre run by Kitchener, Ontario native Pete Cross. Because of Pete’s and our efforts up here, over 130 young children have realized their dream as they have been provided fully packed backpacks – and everything they need to go to school. You can check out last year’s slide show HERE.

This cause has been embraced both in the Dominican Republic, and at our headquarters in Cambridge, Ontario


We continue to raise money within our company with a bunch of fundraisers held throughout the year, like this Tuesday’s Pulled Pork BBQ lunch with all proceeds going to the kids – (and as a bonus it will be yummy!)

Worldline wide, for the month of June we will be donating $5.00 for each new Bundle sale and $3.00 for every home phone sale directly to the charity, so the more Canadians we help by saving them hundreds on their telecom bills, we’ll be sending even more kids to school.

“backpacks for kids” is our own homegrown charity and in the few years of its existence the tangible difference it has made in the lives of these children has been remarkable.  Seeing the smiles on all those children and parents has inspired us to do even more.

Thanks to everyone on the Worldline team for their work and energy for helping build “backpacks for kids” into what it is today.

John Stix – CMO Worldline 

Backpacks For Kids: A slideshow


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